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Online Resources for Elementary and Early Middle School Students

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We appreciate the partnership of our students’ parents and guardians as we work together to provide the best possible educational opportunities for all learners. 

The resources below provide links to free educational resources that might assist an elementary or early middle school student who needs tutorials, enrichment, support, homework helpers, or additional instructional materials for use at home.

Please check back frequently for additional resources as we add to our list of additional resources that might help your child learn anywhere, anytime. offers a wide selection of academic tutorials, enrichment, support, and instruction resources. These resources can be adjusted to include any academic content or grade level. Click the link below and use the menu on the left to adjust for content and grade level.

The Utah Educational Network provides online resources for students who need a more robust explanation of complicated science concepts introduced between 3rd-6th grades. Click the link below and select the concepts for which students might need tutorial, enrichment, support, or instructional resources. To access additional content from another grade level or content area, click on the link and then click on the PreK-12 tab at the top of the webpage.

Some students learn best when provided with game-based resources. Use the Turtle Diary link below to access elementary science curriculum games. Use the pull-down menu to adjust the grade level or content to meet a student’s needs for tutorial, enrichment, support, or instructional resources to support learning.

Sometimes traditional learning resources do not fit the specialized needs of a non-traditional learner. School of Dragons allows children of all ages to “train their dragon” while building in deeper understandings of life, earth, and physical science concepts. This app-based game interface is designed to be played on a mobile device.

Often a student learns best when academic content is blended into a multi-tiered activity that allows for simultaneous practice on all sorts of content. The Jumpstart website below makes blended learning opportunities seem like fun, interactive games which can be adjusted to meet varied learning levels. This online resource also provides worksheets to check a student’s understanding.

Experiments are the key to understanding for many students. Doing experiments at home can provide an opportunity to extend learning far beyond the classroom walls. This website offers 40 simple, exciting, yet powerful science experiments designed to engage the mind of students in grades K-8.

Texas Science Standards for grades K- 12: